Hue-man Nature, Connect to the roots of your divine nature with compassion, colour, creativity and curiosity.

   Lorraine Bordiuk

 Aura-Soma ® practitioner.  Registered L3.   

The Academy, ASIACT, Dev Aura - England. 

Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, training programs at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. 

Transformational Arts Coach.  Mind-Body-Spirit. 

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

ARTIST- Certified Facilitator Art of Allowing Academy, Flora Aube.

Reiki Master, Vibrational arts.

Lorraine is passionate about finding creative ways to assist you on your path of self-discovery.  

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Hue-man Nature invites you to connect to your divine feminine with compassion, colour, creativity and curiosity. Ways to explore this side of you are:

Aura-soma ® consultations, with energies of colour and light.   

Soul Art, Creative Expression painting,


Personal customized wellness day retreat in the country, 

Connect to nature and explore the forest trails.

Colour Energy Reiki using Aura-soma® essences, sound and coloured lights.


The forest trails are beautiful in every season. 

Take yourself back to when you were a child and remember, What brought you joy? What's your favourite colour?  Did you like spending time in nature, or being creative? Are limiting beliefs holding you back from feeling that joyful connection to yourself today?  Have some FUN and let go. The first step is awareness, then make the space for renewed energy. Awaken to your divine nature and sense of well being.  Imagine with creative visualization, what it would feel like to live with passion andInvite that into your life. 

Perhaps its time for a play date with yourself or a friend. 

By appointment.  Loretto, Ontario | 519 943 0004