Lorrainebow creates artistic expressions of beauty to use for daily life. A broom can be a beautiful thing. " What if I fall?, Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"Hand made one of a kind aprons, and decorated brooms to spice up your kitchen. Create your personal magic with your cooking, putting love into the recipe. 

Wearable art such as scarves , headbands, and vests are all unique, often using fabrics and embroidered pieces that have been collected for years.

Please inquire about availability of your favourite item. Brooms are $80 each, aprons are $80. ea. Studio visits for in person shopping in Loretto Ontario, can be arranged. Shipping also an option on most items.

One of a kind scarves, and headbands are available at the studio, and local shows. Hand made with love, in Canada. $40 each. (plus shipping.) This is a sample of styles. The offerings are constantly changing with the fabrics chosen. Contact me if you have any inquiries.

Sample of myOne of a kind vests. one size. 

Book markers are available with prints of my art. These are laminated and finished with a ribbon. $5.00 ea.