Intuitive Artist 

Lorraine Bordiuk is an Intuitive artist exploring nature, colour, energy and soulful beauty. The paintings are Mixed media, Acrylic, and Oil. 

Lorraine focuses on the Energy of colour, the Goddess within, and the ebb and flow of mother earth and all her inhabitants. 

It's in the deep silence that we  hear her heartbeat.  

The Lor-rainbow Gallery is open by appointment. Located in Loretto.ON  

Check out the Gallery page for a sample of artwork. One of a kind  vests and accessories are also available in gallery. 

Connect to your Inner Goddess,

 creativity, &  colour.

Intuitive painting Workshops In the Allowing Process is about creative expression and being open to what appears on your canvas in the moment. 

Connect to your Inner Goddess and explore your beauty and wisdom.     

If you are Interested in an Individual paint day, or would like to include two other friends, book a playdate.  

Lorraine's dedication, wisdom, and kind nature makes it easy to relax and let the magic flow. 

Large colourful country studio is located in Loretto ON. Canada. 

Aura-soma ® Coloured bottles, and crystal energy sprays are used as a reference in the inspiration process. 

Transformational Arts Creativity Facilitator

Aura-Soma Practitioner. Academy, ASIACT, Dev Aura. UK

Studied Spiritual Director, Psychotherapy, Total Selves, training programs at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. 

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

ARTIST- Certified Facilitator,  Art of Allowing Academy.

Colour energy, Reiki, Vibrational arts.

Passionate about colour and art and ways to help others see that they are a masterpiece.. just as they are.

Circle of Healers prints are ready. Consider adding this beautiful framed print to your treatment room, office, or where people gather. A circle of eight healers join hands in a balanced timeless flow of infinite energy and wholeness. The golden light around them represents wisdom, and connection to their collective intentions. The turquoise represents communication from the heart, expressed to many. The healer remains clear and open for insights and guidance.
We band together uniting in a circle of light, and walking in the mystery of life, we answer the call, Where is life asking me to grow?

11x14 $80.   12x16 $140.   18x24 $160.

Available at the studio in Loretto. Limited quantities.

By appointment.  Loretto, Ontario.