Divine Feminine Painting Workshop

 Fri. Jan. 25th.   10:00 am - 5:00 pm. $ 200.00 Materials & lunch included 

Dates for 2019 - Sat.Feb. 16th, Sat. March 9th. Custom paint days are available for your requested date. I facilitate one to ones, or up to 4 people.

Loretto. Enjoy a day in the country at Hue-man Nature.

Paint using your Intuition, and discover your personal connection to colour, and the divine feminine.

Explore the magic of being present with what appears on your canvas. 

Aura-soma® flower essences are used to infuse your canvas for a customized energetic experience.


This multi sensory painting workshop includes:

10:00 - 1:00 Morning session

Opening sacred space, sound, setting intention.

Select a duel coloured “ Soul bottle”  that calls you the most, to align to your colour vibration. This will be used as a reference to begin your painting. (optional: Aura-Soma® bottle is available for sale if you would like to keep it).

Reflect on how you personally connect to the colours and what your choice means to you. 

The workshop space is bright and open with a forest view.  You will be at an easel workstation, and share the  acrylic paints and materials needed to complete your  24 x 36 inch painting.

A step by step paint process, and assistance is offered throughout the day as we all create together, in our own individual style.

1:00 - 2:00 Lunch

Lovely nutritious and colourful lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are included.

You are invited to take a walk on the forest paths and connect to nature.

2:00 - 5:00 Afternoon session

Guided imagery meditation, and Journaling of the journey that could be used in your painting.

The afternoon will be spent adding a face on your base painting. (a simple template is offered)

You will build upon your painting by adding layers of detail including your personal insights, colours, sparkles, and symbols. There are many beautiful stencils to use for added fun. You can make it as ornate or as simple as you like. No rules.

Share your insights and painting at the end of the workshop with others if you choose to.

Shine your light, share your beauty.

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Painting Workshop Fri. Jan. 25th 2019

$ 200.00 CAD

Goddess Painting Workshop at Hue-man Nature. Loretto Ontario. Lorraine Bordiuk.


Hue-man Nature's comfortable workshop space offerings a beautiful room that looks out at the forest. The art studio's personal workstations can accommodate up to 4 participants. This allows for individual attention when required. Its fun to be creative when in this colourful peaceful environment.  Discover the 47 acres of trails through the woods, a visit to the Medicine Wheel and pond at lunch break. Mother Nature is yours to explore. This is a place where the Hue-man and Nature connect in the fresh country air, abundant colour and beauty for the soul.  

Lorraine is an Intuitive artist, and creativity coach offering a variety of ongoing one day painting workshops, working one on one, or a small group.    Colour is a creative way of connecting to soul. 

One way to work with soul art is to choose to paint one of your "Inner Selves", bringing a visual awareness  to this part of your personality.“ who wants to be seen, heard and witnessed? Magical Child? Warrior Woman? Rebel? Nurturer? There are many. There will be additional workshops to explore these. 

Aura-Soma® coloured bottles are chosen to align to you colour vibrations, for body, mind & spirit. The air and the canvas are infused with the energies of gems, crystals and flower essence, colour, and light. A guided meditation starts the journey. The essence of what you experience from the imagery can be honoured by adding it into your painting. Your insights and awarenesses are explored . No prior painting experience needed. Hue-man Nature's setting combined with Lorraine's supportive energy, is ideal to self nurture. Being creative is fun. When is the last time you had some fun? 

Please "Contact us" to be put on a list of upcoming workshops, or request private or group one or two day painting workshops. These will be available monthly. 

POLICY   We reserve the right to cancel courses if necessary. If the workshop is cancelled prior to start date, a full refund will be issued. If a participant needs to cancel, after the workshop fee has been paid, we will issue a full refund if written notice is given one week prior to start date. Less than one week notice, we will refund all but 20% administrative fee. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact me. Thank you. Lorraine