Lorraine is an Intuitive artist, and creativity coach offering painting sessions in an individual or a workshop experience.   If YOU would like to explore painting in a one or two day session designed for you? Colour is a creative way of connecting to soul. All supplies are included to make a 24 x 36 " painting. 

One way to work with soul art is to choose to paint one of your "Inner Selves", bringing a visual awareness  to this part of your personality.“ who wants to be seen, heard and witnessed? Magical Child? Warrior Woman? Rebel? Nurturer? There are many.

Aura-Soma® coloured bottles are chosen to align to you colour vibrations, for body, mind & spirit. The air and the canvas are infused with the energies of gems, crystals and flower essence, colour, and light. A guided meditation starts the journey. The essence of what you experience from the imagery can be honoured by adding it into your painting. Your insights and awarenesses are explored . No prior painting experience needed. Hue-man Nature's setting combined with Lorraine's supportive energy, is ideal to self nurture. Being creative is fun. When is the last time you had some fun? 

                                 Fireside blessings


        The AncientGrandmother (Top),

         Purple Goose River  (above).

                         Pine Cone Sprite (above)

                       Sensual Innocence (above)

                       Gold Dust Woman (above)

                     The Exchange (above)

                     Cords - Letting Go (right)

                             Spirit Dancer (above)

                         Lunch in the forest (above)

                                 Waking up (above)

                         Magic in the forest (above)

                                  Forgiveness (above)

                           SHE WHO REMEMBERS

                             KINDERED SOULS

                                 Inner Warrior (above) 

                                 Lovers (right)

                                                                       Magical Landscape water (above)

                                                                                   Spirit Tree

                                                                                 Gazebo (above) 

                                     Lady Bird


                         Mysterious Beauty (above)


                                        Lion Cub


                                 Sojourn Woman 

                                   The map within

                           Love and kindness. (above)                     

                                     Peace (above)

                                 Va Va Voom (above)

                      Intergalactic Time traveller (above)

                         Sun Goddess (above)

                                    B&W (above)

                                                                                       The Nest

    SHE WHO KNOWS (above)

       PRIMAL GOLDEN GATE (above)

                                                                                     Swan Lake.

                             Protectress (above)

                                 Grooving (above)

                               The Seer (above)

                                   Blue Lady(above)

                                     First Love

                                 Pretty Channel


                                     Spirit Horse 

                                Turbulent waters 

                    ANGEL ON HORSE                                                   

                                 Lifes a Dance


All content copyright Lorraine Bordiuk, Hue-man Nature. 2015

Please inquire, as to availability of original art and printsfor sale.